Bye bye Starman, You are a Hero!

11/1/2016.    19h00   “Het Journaal” 

Joana: mama, mama there is that ugly girl again, the one you like so much. The one from the cards and books you showed me.

Me: Yes my love, mama is a bit sad because he passed  away yesterday.

Joana: ooh mama, don’t be sad. On television and radio people don’t die. They live forever.

Me: Well that’s true sweetheart.

Joana: so? Where is he gone?

Me: Euhm, Well he is up, up there (points at the sky).  

Joana: what is he doing overthere?

Me: I think he is dancing, dancing with red boots on.

Joana: really, red boots I like red boots!!


To know someone

To know someone is not about knowing them longer.
To know someone is not about knowing their favorite food.
To know someone is not about knowing their birthday.

Knowing someone is knowing what they like, what they’re passionate about. Showing appreciation towards it and knowing that is all that matters.

Happy Dragobete!!

Scrubs and Stuff

Lately I have been really interested in different cultures. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always loved learning about different cultures but lately my interest has spiked quite high! I love learning and one thing is always interesting and quite constant is cultures. There is just something so rewarding about knowing the language, the culture norms, beliefs, the food, music, holidays and lives of people around the world. I love to read about other people’s traditions, their taboos and most importantly their fairy tales and legends.

However today, February 24th, is the Romanian holiday of love, called Dragobete.

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Deleted, over and out

You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up. I think about you all day, I want to be with you everyday. I even dream about you.
You make me feel alive. You give meaning to my life. You inspire me. You are my muse. I love you. You don’t care. I get jealous, you ignore me, I’m hurting.
I’m hurting.
I’m hurting, now you are deleted.
You are deleted, over and out!
I’m still hurting inside…

Only God can judge you

Although I claim myself to be an non judgemental person, I realise I do and still continue to judge people.
I’m not quite sure why, because I do not consider myself better than anybody else. I do not feel I have the right nor privilege to judge another.
I know its hard to understand these days but I still want to believe in the good of humanity. I am sure and I believe that every individual, every person has something unique and something good in him.

If we judge, we block and lose the opportunity to get to know another great individual, another amazing soul, another free spirit.

Therefore I want to apologise for judging you for unknown reasons.

I’m not sure if it’s possible but in the future I will try not to judge you and I hope you will not judge me either.